Snook fishing in Naples is some of the best in Florida and one of our most sought after species.  Snook are most active from April through November, but can be caught year around.  Found along the beaches, passes, throughout the estuaries and all the way inshore to fresh water, snook are caught on a variety of live baits, lures and flies.

The Florida state record snook is 44 lbs.  My boat record is 36 lbs.  It is not uncommon to catch snook from 15 to 30 lbs during in the spring, summer and fall months, often boating as many as 40+ fish in the 18 to 28 inch range on even a half day trip.  We release numbers into the 1000’s annually.

Snook are listed under  “game fish status”in the state of Florida, can not be harvested commercially and are protected by strict size and bag limits as well as closed seasons to preserve this prized fish.  I strongly urge anglers to exercise catch and release to maintain our valuable snook fishery.

sunset snook
“Monster Fishing” 24 lb snook with Capt. Todd Geroy